Increase Website Traffic Part 1 (Social Media – Facebook)

Sometimes we think that at any cost I want to Increase Website Traffic and earn more money with google adsense. This is really very easy. I will explain you how can we do this in very easy Way.

What we know about Increase Website Traffic?

There are lots of contents available how to increase your web traffic. But I am going to explain you the trick how to use them properly to get extra benefits of them.

“We know what to use for website traffic but I am going to explain you How to use them properly.”

Then, now You will be happy to hear that it’s not so hard to get traffic. But I want to say it’s tough to get more attention of current visitor to your website content. Visitor should bookmark your website once he/she come to your website. Now you are thinking how is it possible? So, guys I’ll explain how can we Increase Website Traffic Free.

What we should do to Increase Website Traffic?

Now, we will discuss about how to increase website traffic. Check following steps that how should we do:

Step 1: How to Use Social Media for SEO?

I am going to explore the exact technique that tells you how to use Social Media For SEO.

Now, you are thinking we know that social media is best to increase traffic, what’s new here. So here is the ans. Use them with following tricks to increase more traffic with social media

1. How to Use Facebook for SEO?

This is best social media platform to gain maximum traffic to your website. You can use very simple but very effective technique to get traffic on your website like create page, daily posting a quality content, Upload Images, paid campaigns etc etc. Facebook gives more visitor than other Social media tools.
Follow these instructions to use Facebook for SEO:

1. Create Page:

You should create page for your website. And it is most most most recommended. This is 1st step that you should do. Create Page with proper name, Profile pic and banner image. Fill all the details is possible in page. Page banner should tell the facilities that you provide in website.

2. Share Content on Facebook timeline and Facebook Page:

When you tried to create post you should see that post should be clear. Share little content of your article not full content in the Facebook. For more details give link to your website post so, user must come to your website.

3. Post Image:

In Facebook Images are the most attention part, so before upload edit image to make it familiar to our current post. Post Images will tell your content/link information and user will follow your link automatically. Attractive images will give you more traffic than normal images that’s 100% true. So, use this formula.

4. Paid Promotion (Optional If you need extra boost website traffic):

Use paid promotion to get more likes on page and posts. Don’t try to promote page directly, instead of the promote your post. That will automatically increase likes on page. That will increase visitors to our website too.

5. Join/Create Groups:

This is really very effective method to share our contents. Create groups related to our website’s most famous topics. And also join groups related to our website content’s Topics. While we post related to that group’s topic. Share them to that group also because that group has already members who are interested in our topic.

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