Cool Upcoming Gadgets in 2019

Cool Upcoming Gadgets in 2019

We are going to give you details about the best Upcoming Gadgets in 2019 that you should have. This is based on only other references I searched on Internet. We always hope for better gadgets which can make our life easy. So, let’s start with some new gadgets.

1. Halberd Bluetooth Key Chain

halberd bluetooth key
halberd bluetooth key

Halberd Bluetooth Key Chain is for lazy people like me who always forgot to lock PC. Because Halberd Bluetooth Key Chain automatically locks PC when you leaves your work station. No need to wait for timeout, Halberd continuously authenticate your presence and remain signed in. Once you left PC got locked at a time. No one can use your PC without your presence.

2. NIXIE CAMERA – Wearable Drone Camera

NIXIE CAMERA - Wearable Drone Camera

NIXIE CAMERA is very useful for selfie lovers. It has an ability to fly and take photo and come back to you. It has other modes on launch just like the ability to fly around and follow you recording your activities.

You can connect it to any smart phone to Control. And also you can capture any moment. You can wear it up as wrist watch. Isn’t it cool??

3. Sparkmaker 3D Printer

Sparkmaker 3d Printer

Sparkmaker 3d Printer makes 3D printing as easy and user-friendly as possible. Unlike other SLA 3D printers that require a computer connection, SparkMaker supports offline printing. Simply insert an SD card with a pre-loaded design, press the print button and your creation begins to take shape. SparkMaker has an amazing ability to print in higher resolution compared to DLP 3D printers. SparkMaker is ideal for scale prototyping as well as general 3D printing. It has a jumbo LED light with three different colors to indicate printing progress.

4. SonarPen: World’s most affordable Smart Pen


The SonarPen is a battery-less and pressure sensitive smart pen that turns all iPad, iphone & Android into a professional creative canvas. It is pressure sensitive smart pen at the cost of 5 cups of coffee. Is makes professional art tool accessible to everyone who loves to draw or write. The magnetic pen holder attached to the back of your iPad and Android device with a piece of 3M double side tape. Installation is super easy and it doesn’t leave any dirt on the back when you remove it.

5. Hapbeat: Tension based wearable vibrato acoustic Device


Hapbeat is a new Music transmission device which can vibrate as per music beats. This proposed device transmits vibrations to wider areas and gives better subjective impressions than conventional vibro-tactile devices.


It feels like an live consort you are listening. It has a new mechanism for vibroacoustic device, which uses tension forces to transmit vibrations.
The device has two motors and a string that can transmit strong and high fidelity acoustic vibrations to a the body.

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