IB Review : Breathe: Into The Shadows - Read Full Review

IB Review : Breathe: Into The Shadows – Read Full Review

Sukanya Verma – The famous Film Critic says, “At the center of all this, Abhishek Bachchan is trying his best to curb our curiosity, but simply cannot be so serially adorned by his Avinash.” I wonder if the producers of Breathe: Into The Shadows saw it drag for 12 episodes based on 60 minutes, each lasting a little less than an hour. Prolonging a thin thriller results in a slog of a series that is smart, completely devoid of urgency or intrigue. R Madhavan’s dubious morality as a football coach while trying to save his ailing son was listed high on the organ donation list, which was based on his faithful desperation. The follow-up season in Spirit is in the same line – how far will a parent go for their child? Except this time, once again by Mayank Sharma, its tortured lifeless and unimaginative pursuit feels like an ordeal. Though its green-black camera palette, cutting through electronic fields scores and scenes swollen through multiple areas, depict the less subtle template of the international series, it returns to the homegrown Raven mythos for philosophy and psychoanalysis. All this derivation would probably have been less IRK if it had some sound logic or its bite. But the good old game of cat and mouse needs more than an old Stephen King-Ian twist to shake things up. It all begins when a psychiatrist Avinash (Abhishek Bachchan) and her cook husband Abha (Nitya Menon) lose their six-year-old daughter at a child’s birthday party…

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