COVID-19 : 1.5 year old child died in Delhi

COVID-19 : 1.5 year old child died in Delhi

We can see here a very dangerous face of the Coronavirus- The COVID-19. 1.5 year old child died in Delhi.

1.5 year old child died of a coronavirus infection in a hospital in Delhi.

A doctor at the hospital, on the condition of anonymity, said, “The child was brought to the hospital a few days ago. He underwent a positive test for COVID-19.

The child was admitted to the SARI (Severe Acute Respiratory Illness) ward and yesterday – He died.” .

The child died at Kalawati Saran Children’s Hospital attached to the Centre-run Lady Hardinge Medical College.

Kalawati Saran Children Hospital Covid 19 1.5 Year Old Child Died In Delhi

Officials said Sunday, perhaps the first fatal disease of an infant due to COVID-19 in the national capital.

The monitoring team has been informed for contact tracing, he said.

Age profile of COVID-19 victims in Delhi

According to the age profile of COVID-19 victims in Delhi, 24 out of a total of 43 fatal cases were from 60 years, shared by the Department of Health.

According to the Delhi government, the total number of coronavirus cases in the national capital has reached at 1,893. Among them, the age between 50 and 60 was 50 and 10 were under 50, Officials said.

They were all posted in the pediatric intensive care unit of the hospital.

Dr Shilpi Verma Kalawati Saran Children Hospital Pediatric Icu Is Being Cleaned Covid 19 1.5 Year Old Child Died In Delhi

Sources said that at least two doctors and six nurses at Lady Harding Medical College have tested positive for coronavirus.

According to a doctor, a 10-month-old baby, who was recently brought to the emergency department with respiratory problems, tested positive for COVID-19.

Now, the entire pediatric ICU is being cleaned, the doctor said.

The hospital has started a contact process to find out that everyone had come in contact with them in the last few days.

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