Will there be patal lok season 2?  Actor-Producer Anushka Sharma says.....

Will there be patal lok season 2? Actor-Producer Anushka Sharma says…..

Paatal Lok season 1 Details :

First episode date:

15th May 2020


Amazon Prime Video

Production location(s):


Created by:

Sudip Sharma


Naren Chandavarkar; Benedict Taylor

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Will there be patal lok season 2 ?

Jaideep Ahlawat’s unanimous praise for the veteran Delhi Police-led Amazon Prime video series is grateful to Anushka as a producer.

Patal Lok has been the breakout show of the year. Now people are waiting and eager to know Will there be patal lok season 2? Actor-producer Anushka Sharma says that although it would be too early to comment, the team likes to take the audience back to the dark twisted universe created by long-time collaborator Sudeep Sharma in a follow-up season. Will do.

Actor-Producer Anushka Sharma says…. Will there be patal lok season 2 or Not?

Anushka Sharma Paatal Lok Season 1

“You’ll have to wait and watch to learn more about season two. I don’t want to splurge too much, but we want to say that it’s quite possible. It’s too early to talk about, but yes if Amazon is ready to do it, definitely. There will be a second season, “Anushka told PTI in an e-mail interview.

A nine-episode neo-series focused on a Delhi police inspector, which unleashes a sinister plot to unravel an assassination attempt on a popular TV journalist, lauded for his in-depth exploration of caste, class, gender has gone. And religious defects in the country through an investigative story.

The actor produced the show with his brother Karnesh Sharma through his banner Clean Slate Films.

Anushka with Sudeep

Anushka, who first made her production debut with Sudeep, worked in the critically acclaimed film NH10, said that she has great faith in the writer and makes a good team.

Anushka With Sudipsharma Paatallok

“Sudeep’s first film as a writer was NH10. ​​So we went back a lot and he is like a brother to me. I believe everything he writes because he is such an affordable writer. He is someone who Will tell you the most complicated things. In the simplest way and the most entertaining fashion and I think that is his greatest strength as a writer, “she said.

There is a notable difference in the kind of projects he has supported as a producer, be it the street thriller NH10, the horror fantasy film Pari or Patal Lok. They are darker and EDGAR than their films, the exception being the fantasy comedy Phillauri.

Anushka said that Karunesh and his part have been deliberately thought out as they want to connect with stories and ideas that are unique.

What does Neeraj Kabi remind you in Pattal Lok?

What Does Neeraj Kabi Remind You In Pattal Lok

“This has been done intentionally (as) we want to push the boundaries; we want to push the envelope as far as the content is concerned …” Anushka said.

The actress added, “I was always inspired by the content. I was not fooled by pop culture. I was not fooled by the songs. I was not fooled just by beauty. So this is the thing that I Will reflect in the choice. ” Told.

Will There Be Patal Lok Season 2 1024x683

“As a producer, I’ve always supported content that has been unique and that, you might even say, has gone dark. But I don’t really classify them into anything,” she said. said.

Anushka said, “To me, stories are stories. They are ideas and they should be told in the most truthful way right now and I think that’s what we have always tried to do.” “The emergence of streaming platforms has been a real boon for creative people.”

Paatal Lok Season 1 From Gory Murders To Child Abuse Moments

Patal Lok is his first production in the digital medium.

“As a creative person, you understand that the process of creativity should be a free-flow. So what OTT platforms do is that they allow you to express yourself in a way that is true to that story What you are trying to say and you can be true to it. “

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