What is a actor name in lucifer Cast?

What is a actor name in lucifer Cast?

In February 2015, it was announced that Tom Ellis was cast as Lucifer Morningstar, and Tom Cupino would write the pilot, to be directed by Len Wiseman.

Let’s check What is a actor name in lucifer Cast?

Tomellis Menshealth Lucifer

About a month later, Lauren German was cast as LAPD-spy Chloe Decker. Lena Esco was originally cast as Maze (Maziken), however, the role was later recast with Leslie-Ann Brandt.

Tv Show Lucifer Chloe Decker Lauren German

Nicolas Gonzalez portrayed Dan in the pilot episode. In June 2016, it was announced that Tricia Helfer was cast as Lucifer and Emenadial’s mother, Charlotte, and that she would appear in several episodes in the second season. The character was promoted to series regular in July 2016.

Lucifer Season 3 Charlotte Dan

LAPD to Amy Garcia She was also cast as a regular in the second season, playing the role of forensic scientist Ella Lopez. In August 2016, executive producer Ildi Modrovich announced the casting of Michael Imperioli with “a chip on the shoulder” as the angel Uriel, Amenadiel and Lucifer’s younger brother.

Lucifer Season 3 Ela Lopez American Tv Series Poster

For the fourth season, Graham McTavish and Inbar Lavi were cast as Father Kinley and Eve, respectively. For Season 5, Netflix announced the casting of Matthew Bohrer as Donovan Glover.

Inbar Lavi As Eve In Lucifer

In February 2020, Netflix and Warner Bros. were reported to have started talks to renew the show for a sixth season. In March 2020, Tom Ellis and other stars of the series were reported to have signed up for the sixth season. However, a contract dispute did not see Ellis officially signed until late May.

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